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Contracting of the GEO-IoT Platform

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Contracting the GEO-IoT Solution: Plans & Services

Check out on this page how our commercial policy, plans and contracts work.  

After reading it we will need to know about your project(s), at the bottom of the page contact us.

Commercial Model - Software and Hardware Lease and Provision of Services

All our software is sold under the SaaS (Software as a Service) regime, that is: software rental with added technical service, we do not sell the source codes or provide perpetual licenses for our software, our commercial position is established in the Software Rental with continued support. This model is justified because IoT devices are very dynamic and need recurring support for updates, tweaks and integrations.

Local GEO-IoT Software

It is a software + hardware solution, the local server is responsible for concentrating events, alarms, data from sensors and IoT devices from a given site and making available to authorized users of the system a wide range of management resources, graphics, dashboards , responsive rules among many others.  

For more information, visit: GEO-IoT Local Server

GEO-IoT Cloud

The cloud server is responsible for concentrating and managing events from multiple local servers, as well as independently and in parallel receiving alarms, events from sensors, IoT devices, databases and third-party software independently and redundantly.

Through a secure web interface it is possible  make available to multiple users of the GEO-IoT platform a wide range of management options, graphics, responsive rules, dashboards  among many other SNMP network administrative features.

For more information, visit: GEO-IoT Cloud Server

GEO-IoT Esquema Funciona

What are the advantages of this software and hardware leasing model?

The software and hardware leasing model is in line with our philosophy of always providing the best cost-benefit ratio for our customers, in this way leasing brings operational, tax and technical advantages.

Operational Advantage

The large investments in hardware purchases, source codes, management of these intangible assets, depreciation, development of internal teams, management of outdated versions, reinvestments, among other problems inherent to the purchase. At lease, there is always the certainty of using a finished product, with compatible software versions, technical support throughout the life of the contract and the main thing: the company maintains its focus on the business.

Commercial and Tax Advantage

If your organization chooses real profit, when renting software/hardware and related services, your organization can record these amounts as operating expenses, the resources spent on leasing and services are provided for in our tax legislation. Thus, the operating costs of GEO-IoT software, GEO-IoT Cloud, hardware and IoT sensors, through the rental and contracting of services  they end up leaving the company's taxes owed.

Technical advantage

Keep your team focused on your operation, outsource what is not your Core Business  and have a higher income in their activities. Our technical team is dedicated exclusively to the development, management, technical support and development of integration tools. The management of IoTs software and devices are tasks that require differentiated professionals, very specific and that need great attention to be very well executed; in this way, there is no reason for your organization to add more people, more costs and management challenges to its routine.  

We at GEO-IoT have a team of highly trained technical professionals ready to serve you and, in special cases, we also act through our carefully chosen partners in the market. We bring consistent results on time and within planned costs.

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IoT (Internet of Things or Internet of Things) Devices and Sensors

They can be divided into three categories:

a) Previously existing devices

They are already installed and need to be integrated with the GEO-IoT platform, being the object of contracting the activity of software configuration, parameterization and platform leasing.

b) Devices and sensors already communicate with a customer database in their software through their networks  existing communications, requiring the construction of APIs for GEO-IoT integration with the client's systems and the generation of virtual devices with the other parameterizations of the platform.

c) New devices:

   a) They must be purchased by the customer or leased directly from GEO-IoT in a specific contract

   b) Installed (indoor/outdoor), configured in the appropriate locations and in their respective communications networks

   c) Software configurations and parameterizations of the GEO-IoT platform.

Note. The communication network for the transport of data from IoT devices and/or sensors must be provided by the customer or must be contracted under contract.

For more information, go to: Network Solutions

Venha desenvolver seu projeto conosco

Systems integration

Integrations allow different software or equipment to "talk" to each other, thus enabling information entered in a given system to be accessed and viewed in another system, streamlining processes, reducing costs, avoiding retyping errors and increasing operation performance.  


See more at: Systems Integration


APIs (Application Program Interface) or Application Programming Interface are a set of routines and programming patterns that allow access to a particular application or software. It is one of the safest ways for different software and equipment manufacturers to share information and also for a more structured interaction. As an example we have Google that provides many tools to interact with other software on the market.

Communication Service for Sensors and Devices

Data communication between the devices and the customer's data network must be provided for in the execution of the project and may be provided by the customer or contracted together with the project and recorded as contractual expenses.

Data networks have different characteristics and, depending on the architecture of the customer's operation, it should be studied together with our technical team to find the best alternative and also the best cost-benefit ratio.

For more information, go to: Network Solutions

Hosting of Events and Alarms

Events, alarms and data produced by sensors, IoT devices and APIs over time can occupy a large amount of storage space in databases, however these events, data and alarms are essential for generating mass data for later analysis, generation of histograms, charts, dashboards and KPIs.  Aware of the importance and criticality of this strategic information for our customers, we offer a differentiated long-term hosting service, making available for online access the desired devices, the types of events, the desired frequency, among other parameters.

For more information, go to: Network Solutions


Our contracts are structured in software and hardware leasing, service provision, systems development.

The plans chosen by our customers involve:

- (qty) local servers,

- (qty) cloud servers, 

- (qty/hh) defendant in integrations

- (qty) connections and communications interfaces

- Contract time and service level / SLA (Service Level Agreement)

GEO-IoT | Projetos Especias sob Demanda

Get in touch with us via the form or by e-mail:


Our sales team will understand your project and your technical demands.


Then, our consultants will prepare a business proposal suited to your needs and within our plans for the GEO-IoT Local and GEO-IoT Server family of solutions.


Validation of our proposal or adjustments and acceptance. 


Signing of the Contract and beginning of activities for our clients.

The GEO-IoT Solution brings enormous possibilities for automation, integration and responsive sensing in the structured corporate and residential environment, bringing savings, comfort, safety and traceability to events.  Being able to work with schedules, responsive rules or not, and countless facilities from a single, integrated and functional platform.


Contact our technical team to learn more about our services and also about our extensive range of sensors. 

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