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Professional Solutions
Internet of Things - IoT


The company

Geoplanet is a Brazilian company, located in the city of São Paulo/SP, structured to offer the national and international market, technological solutions based on effective and concrete results in increasing the operational performance of our customers.

Our solutions include: IoT management and monitoring solution, 3D drone mapping, 3D bathymetry, facilities management software, facial recognition, license plate reading, professional CCTV, among others.

Our solutions and technological tools aim for our customers to obtain better operational performance, obtain measurable savings and increase their efficiency in the activities and processes for which they are intended: to do more, better, with fewer resources and faster.


We believe that our customers need to dedicate themselves to their business and leave with us some of their ancillary activities that can be carried out with greater productivity by Geoplanet and its strategic partners based in Brazil or abroad.

Equipe Multidisciplinar
Compromentimento com novos desafios

Commitment to results

Our team is committed to the results of our clients and, in order for us to be successful in our activities, we must act through methodologies that allow transparency in planning, performance and results along the timeline. All stages of our projects are aligned with our customers and rigorously adjusted when necessary.

Focusing on the users of our solutions, we streamline the relevance of our actions, our activities can offer a wide range of solutions based on technology, where tailored we present qualified professionals committed to each of the tasks for its execution, we operate through the provision of continuous services and also with software and hardware leasing, presenting the market with the best contracting versus tax burdens.


Through appropriate methodologies, a qualified team and an action schedule, the goals are achieved


Our work allows us to increase our clients' operating results at different levels.


Our GEO-iOT software brings profound improvements at the operational, tactical and strategic levels of the organization.


Understand, supply and exceed the needs of our customers and commercial and technological partners, presenting solutions with cutting-edge technology, agility and punctuality in delivery. Our actions must translate into clear benefits and generate satisfaction.



To be recognized in our area and operating segments as a competent and responsible company, being a reference for excellent services provided with satisfied customers.

Our team must act with innovative and technical consistency, based on creativity to find answers to the challenges of our customers and partners.  Acting transparently, always seeking to add value to the results of our individual and collective actions.



Dedication to customers, ethics and quality in all aspects.

Contact us, we are ready to present the most suitable solutions for your business

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