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Platform for IoT Device Management
Local or Remote Sensors and Events

A single, integrated IOT solution for your business.

GEO-IoT software is a digital transformation agent for industry 4.0, which will allow you to boost your organization with wide-ranging technology and dynamic intelligence applied to the management of the Internet of Things, producing more positive results in your business operations.


Our solutions include software and hardware and allow your company to obtain a performance never seen before, we are the tool that will equip your virtual projects and turn them into real results, we present an uncomplicated and effective path that will allow your organization to stand out and reposition itself from the too much on the market.


Industry 4.0 demands broad convergence to increase the operational efficiency and effectiveness of organizations; generation of reliable metrics, production of indicators, real-time monitoring through telemetry and automation linked to software resources.  Internet of Things projects demand local and remote access via multiservice networks, using different interfaces such as smartphones, tablets and computers, these components being essential for the interaction of their users.

Aiming to meet the needs of the current technological scenario of Industry 4.0, Geoplanet developed the GEO-IoT platform, for administration, sensor management, event and data sharing, where through this tool it is possible to establish a transparent communication with different devices, equipment and software.

Communications with these different devices can be done using wired or wireless networks, over multiple communication protocols such as TCP/IP, ModeBus and SMS, as well as through IoT devices that use LORAWan and SigFox networks with their particular characteristics.


Through an intuitive and simple interface, it is possible to establish a secure WEB connection, where the access parameters are configurable at multiple levels, allowing each of the system users to access only the areas that have prior authorization from the managers/administrators.  In this way, the organization's rules can be reflected in the GEO-IoT digital environment, respecting the hierarchical priorities, the platform's management features and permissions make it possible to enjoy the wide resources of dashboards, histograms, alarm server, digital synoptic graphs, responsive rules among many other features of the GEO-IoT platform.

Local IoT and Events Server

Powerful local monitoring and remote supervision tool for third-party IoT devices, sensors, machines and interfaces

Integration Development

Different devices, from different manufacturers can be integrated into our platform. We have a specialized multidisciplinary team for convergent integration

SNMP monitoring

Monitor, monitor and supervise the devices of your LAN or WAN network, with the generation of alarms, graphics and dash boards ...

Support and Consulting

Our team develops the project, provides services, provides the IoT hardware, sensors and structures the partnerships necessary for the success of your project.

Backup Data Security

All your company's data, events and log logs can be saved in our Security BackUp service.

Our team is always ready to participate in new challenges with our customers, we can help make your virtual projects become real.

SaaS Cloud

SaaS for monitoring, supervision, telemetry and management of IoTs, machines, sensors, motors, databases ... Millions of devices in real time under total control ...

The Geo-IoT solution of products, software and services are geared towards the operational result of our customers, we present the concept of demonstration projects ("demos") so that conceptual samples on a reduced scale can be validated in a real scenario, thus allowing contact with our technologies in a Proof of Concept (POC) environment, thus proving functionality, purposes and expectations.

Nossos Serviços

GEO-IoT is a powerful tool, with applications for countless
segments. Information is an organization's strategic differential.

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