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Why Choose Geo-IOT?

aprimoram a gestão e os resultados operacionais 


Monitoring of ERBs - Radio Base Stations 

IoTs - Enable Extended and Integrated Telemetry in the Telecom Segment

The routine operations of ERBs - Radio Base Stations of telecom operators have a wide variety of events that need to be monitored in real time, 24 hours a day in a constant, efficient and redundant way.

At each of the sites of an ERB, it is necessary to remotely manage equipment, devices and software, which may be linked to the infrastructure networks of different companies providing services to these companies, located in Brazil and abroad in many cases.

The powerful GEO-IoT Solution allows the vertical monitoring of multiple layers of the operation of these organizations (strategic, tactical and operational), transformer telemetry, control panels, PLCs, engines, generators, alternators, valves, actuators, air conditioners, systems alarm, CCTV, dispatch software, ERP and countless other elements that demand monitoring of their respective status, performance and operational condition.

Our solution allows data transmission through the use of multiservice networks, where information and data from multiple remote devices can be monitored in real time in centralized and decentralized monitoring centers, thus generating indicators, responsive alarms, graphics, dashboards, event triggers with other operating platforms such as CCTV, access control, time clock, SAP, scales, overhead cranes and countless other applications.

The GEO-IoT solution brings a technical differential by allowing different platform users to have different levels of access to the system, thus ensuring that organizational hierarchical levels are mirrored, thus ensuring information integrity and operational security.

The consolidation of information can take place in horizontal or vertical levels, as we work with a site and sub-sites concept, thus allowing a set of devices to be presented according to the groupings of each query.  As an example, we can consolidate information from all devices and equipment located in a certain operational unit (provided they have telemetry resources), search for events, alarms, maps, histograms, graphs, dashboards, among others. Or, we can even search for a set of operational units in a certain location, state or region, thus ensuring complete control over the information, its access and its functional structure.

Desafio de Monitorar as ERBs
ERBs nas Cidades
GEO_IoT | Cloud Server

The enormous potential of GEO-IoT allows the monitoring of plants and buildings as varied as Data Center, commercial and administrative buildings and other operations. As mentioned before, our platform allows a large number of devices, equipment and software to be integrated and monitored. Thus, in a complex plant, such as those of telecom operators who have in their installed parks, generators, overhead cranes, engines, conveyors, boilers, air conditioning systems, multiple power points and their respective quality of service, water level in reservoirs, temperature, local humidity, wind speed, pump flows, water flows, energy access, among many other technical demands that the telecom segment needs to manage in its routine.

Through the GEO-IoT Solution, it is possible to obtain pragmatic results, metrics linked to productivity, effective operational indicators, real-time graphics, dashboards, asset management by telemetry, databases, structured rules, alarm events responsive and a complete architecture for real and measurable results.

The GEO-IoT Solution allows for a wide range of possible results for the telecom segment, ensuring an increase in operating results, cost reduction and increased efficiency in the allocation of labor throughout the processes.

One of the points of extreme sensitivity in the telecom segment is linked to macro measurements and micro measurements, where measuring devices of different sizes are used, devices always approved by Anatel and other regulatory bodies, using ethernet and cellular data transmission networks in this process , LoRaWan, WiFi, or other technical resources as per our customers' application.

Given the enormous capacity of the GEO-IoT platform and its flexibility, it is possible through the use of different technologies (new or legacy) to enable the operation of remote telemetry, using proprietary infrastructure or telecom operators.  

Check below some examples of the application of the GEO-IoT solution:

Battery Monitoring

- Real-time monitoring of battery status with alarm event management by rules
- Several variables such as: voltage, local temperature, humidity, resistance, histograms, graphs and events
- Event rules can be applied to each heat individually
- Management by smartphones, tablets and web browser
- Operational alarms of established parameters
- GEO-IoT parameterizable hardware
- System performance indicators can be consulted individually or collectively
- Mass of internal memory for event logs in case of network failure
- Different communication interfaces
- Possibility of integration with third-party systems

- Operational redundancy extends the scope of maintenance 

Monitoramento de Baterias

Remote Access Control

- Integrated access control system

- Communication with multiple possibilities (Wifi, serial, USB, Bluetooth, LoRa among others through customizations)

- Central allows management at multiple levels of access

- Cellular interface of each user can be used as a local interface, thus avoiding the installation of keyboards, additional modules that can overburden the project, be the target of vandalism and maintenance

- Bluetooth interface allows short-range local access for users/operators with access authorization

- Our hardware allows a list of authorized people to be saved in local memory

- Data replication at different points in the network can be structured for redundancy

- Access devices can be installed autonomously for racks, containers, shelters and operational modules in the field.

- Sinusoidal, magnetic, motorized locks among others can be applied 

- Validation with other central facial recognition systems can be implemented

- The registrations of people who have authorized access are made via Web Browser

- Multiple access levels can be assigned to system users who are allowed to operate/access different sites, bases, data centers or offices.

- Real-time remote updates can be operated by CCOs (authorizing or denying access)

- Integration with third party systems such as CCTV, Access Control, ERP among others.

- Wide possibilities for customization to adhere to the operations of Telecom operators

Solution Advantages

- Extensive control and management of access to ERBs and Sites

- Event and access traceability

- Release of access for authorized persons on multiple sites, parallel authorization windows

- Multilevel reports linked to access histograms

- Dedicated hardware with exclusive operation ensures operational performance with great efficiency


- Digital access key validated on secure servers, mobile application with password verification, location, registration and facial recognition

- Application that allows user/password management

- Geolocation of applications installed on smartphones allows monitoring of each technician (time/location)

- Integration with third-party systems allows fluidity of data and information for CRMs, ERPs, PCPs... among others

- Reports, dashboards, access histories, user and website profiles

- Multiple operational management tools transform the routine of ERBs


Módulo de Acesso às ERBs
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